Angel From Montgomery, Jesus on the Mainline, Sister City, Brother Bone, 2014


Swear, Sophie Madeleine, Silent Cynic, 2013


Tombs Don’t Roll Back, Zak Smith, The Precambrian Age, 2013


Lithium, Jesus on the Mainline, Live Recording, 2012


Little Robin Redbreast, Children’s Game App, 2015


Not Without You/Me, Mel Flannery Trucking Co., Autoheart, 2013


“Wedding-ish with Jove” Podcast Jingle, 2016.  Written by Mel Flannery.


Have You Looked Outside, Zak Smith, Zak Smith, 2014


The Big One, Crushed Velvet and the Velveteers, The Big One, Royal Family Records, 2011


Satellites for Stars, Michael Day, A Day in Life, 2008


Burn Me Down, Nees & Vos, N&V, 2010


Beautiful Days, Beyondo, Siren Science, 2012


Domestic Violence PSA Voice Over, 2011


David’s Bridal Commercial Voice Over, 2011

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